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... the many pracitcal avantages of the the new Hensel Box.

DK Cable junction boxes from Hensel

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Distribution board systems made from thermoplastics 

Reliable, even under extreme conditions

Thermoplastic instead of metal - durable, highly resilient and stable in form.
Distribution board systems from thermoplastic ensure maximum
safety under extreme conditions

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New HENSEL-Portal 61439 

With this portal, HENSEL supports you to implement the requirements of IEC 61439 / EN 61439 from the first step up to the provision of the necessary design verification and routine test verification.

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International Catalogue No. 17

International Catalogue No. 17

VTPN Distribution Board System up to 250 A

ENYSTAR - VTPN Distribution Board System up to 250 A


The Hensel Box with plug-in terminals

ENYCASE: Level 3 - for intrinsic fire resistance

Cable Junction Boxes * - Intrinsic fire resistance + insulation integrity


ENYGUIDE - 3D planning-tool for ENYSTAR and ENYMOD